Jenny Wren Productions is a Gloucestershire-based theatre company, formed in 2004. In the summer we can be found performing under the stars at open-air venues around the county, including Berkeley Castle, Cowley Manor and Highnam Court near Gloucester. The autumn usually takes us on another tour of the county and sometimes further afield, often to village halls and smaller theatres. We have strong links with the Cheltenham Everyman Theatre and also perform there regularly in the Studio Theatre. We tour schools with Theatre in Education projects such as Dr Korczak's Example, about the plight of Jewish orphans during World War II, and Paved with Gold, about children working on the streets in Victorian London.

The company comprises a pool of around 30 actors, musicians, designers, stage managers, producer and director. Many of our projects have been funded by Arts Council England and with others we have raised money for charities including the Pied Piper Appeal at Gloucester Hospital and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. And whilst doing all of this, we have a lot of fun!

Jenny and ‘the Wrens’

Friday, 29 January 2021

2021 Update

 **** 2021 UPDATE ****

Last year, we at Jenny Wren Productions learnt some new skills, and created a radio play, Bletchley Girls, and an online version of Pride and Prejudice - which will be released in the spring of 2021.

Otherwise, we are preparing for the day when we can once again bring you live shows! We can't wait 😊

Watch this space for details of those shows as our plans develop - and in the meantime, we will bring you Pride and Prejudice as soon as we've finished editing it.

Bletchley Girls, the radio play, is no longer freely available, but if you would like to listen, please contact us through the contact form here on our website.

Look after yourselves and we hope to see you, live, later in the year.

Thursday, 20 August 2020

Bletchley Girls - brand new radio play from Jenny Wren Productions

Jenny Wren Productions presents


a radio drama by Lou Beckett

“Germany is winning the war, England’s being bombed into oblivion… and MI6 is depending on a small team of girls working in a freezing hut in the English countryside to break Germany’s most secret code.”

Inside Bletchley Park, Dilly Knox enlists a small team of young women to crack some of the enemy’s toughest codes. Whilst Margaret Rock is a trained statistician, the newest recruit is Mavis Lever, 19 years old and a student of German romantic poetry. A friendship develops between this unlikely pair as pressure mounts on them to decipher intercepts which will impact the course of the war. It’s a phenomenal task – “We must know what Hitler knows” – and they work against the clock – and the odds. But it’s not all night shifts and Enigma machines; there are dances, pranks, and even a touch of romance.

Jenny Wren Productions presents the untold true story of two female code-breakers at Bletchley Park at the height of World War II in this brand new radio drama.

Bletchley Girls was originally intended to be a stage play, but the Covid-19 pandemic prompted us to adapt, and we spent lockdown turning it into a radio play and recording it. It is in three half-hour episodes, which were live on YouTube until the end of January 2021. 

Thanks to our partner Gloucester Cathedral, there is also a free, online, Community Singing resource, designed to provide creative opportunities for older people in individual households and in residential settings, but suitable for anyone who enjoys singing, to accompany the play.

This is no longer freely available. If you would like to listen to Bletchley Girls or the Community Singing resource, please contact us via the contact form here on our website.

With thanks to all involved, Bletchley Park and our funders Thirty Percy and the Gloucestershire Funders Covid-19 Response.

And thank you of course to you, our audience, for listening! We hope you enjoyed it.

Link to programme for Bletchley Girls: