Monday 9 March 2020

Brief Encounter

 Noel Coward's


Adapted by Emma Rice, of Kneehigh Theatre Company

"I've got something in my eye."
"Please let me look. I happen to be a doctor."

Local theatre company seeks audience for evening of entertainment under the stars. Chance meeting between sickeningly beautiful couple (in that 1940s way) leads to brief but all-consuming affair of the most romantic kind. Meals out, cinema, messing about in boats and good old British afternoon tea with cake guaranteed - for them, anyway. All played out in a railway station tea room under the watchful, or rather, nosy, eyes of an ensemble of larger-than-life staff, armed with sparkling wit and even a song or two.

Jenny Wren Productions bring Milford Junction Tea Room and Noel Coward's classic love story to an open-air venue near you. Previous productions include A Child in the Forest, Around the World in 80 Days and last year's The Pickwick Papers.

Chair or blanket, picnic, tissues (if you are so inclined) and GSOH required.

"Humorous and poignant, comic and tragic... A great night out."  (Gloucestershire Echo)