Monday 9 March 2020

Robin Hood

 By Joe Hackett

“Beware outlaws! They are a plague, and a pestilence, and a blight.” 

None more so than Robin Hood: he’s bold, he’s brave, he’s keen (and he’s rather smug).  Jenny Wren and her Merry Men take on the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham in this new adaptation of Robin Hood. As he strives to win the Golden Arrow and the hand of the valiant Maid Marian, Robin and his motley crew entertain all the family with our own brand of action, adventure, astonishingly attractive actors and… appalling green tights.

From the company that brought you Oliver Twist, Around the World in 80 Days and last year’s Twelfth Night.

It’s just Robin, and some men, and the forest… Perfectly delightful.