Friday 6 March 2020

The Canterbury Tales

Chaucer made modern by Phil Woods

Hot on the heels of their recent open-air tour of Sense and Sensibility, Gloucestershire-based Jenny Wren Productions bring Chaucer to raucous life in their Other Space debut.
This fine band of merry fellows and wenches will stage a number of the Canterbury Tales in a variety of fashions. The Wife of Bath, the Reeve, the Miller and others will entertain you, outrage you and, at times, jolly well teach you a lesson. Although we do not doubt our audience's sound comprehension of Chaucerian English, we will perform in a modern-day lingo to make the great man a) proud and b) turn in his grave at different moments. A 'verray parfit' night out and a must-see for GCSE and A-level students.

"In its Studio Theatre debut the company... have transformed Chaucer's words into a raucous calvacade of modern day fables. Classrooms can make heavy weather of The Canterbury Tales, but with puppets, songs and a pocketful of slapstick they navigate the stories deftly into our times... Tuning them into modern ears can be a tall order, but one well met by the cast, directed by Jenny Wicks in a hugely entertaining and enjoyable production." Lystra Maisey, the Gloucestershire Echo